Steinwall Inc. is happy to announce the release of our 9th edition Material Matrix Poster!

Originating in 1986, Steinwall’s Material Matrix Poster has been utilized by our customers and partners for over 30 years. This resource has provided guidance on many aspects of plastic part production. Our Material Matrix Poster includes information to assist with resin selection, plastic part design and mold materials just to name a few. Steinwall’s engineering team has worked extensively over this past year to provide several exciting updates to this most recent edition including:

  • Tool life estimates for 7 different potential mold materials using both glass filled and non-glass filled resins.
  • Thermoplastic molding characteristics of Polylactic Acid and Thermoplastic Urethane resins.
  • Effects of Filler on the Polymer Matrix expanded to include bio-based fillers such as hemp and rice hull.

If you are interested in receiving your free copy of our 9th edition Material Matrix Poster please follow the link below.