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Bio-based Plastic Processing

In December of 2018, industry representatives were at Steinwall to observe the processing of four different bio-based filled resin made from the pulp of agave, rice hull, coconut, and maple wood. The representatives said, “Steinwall was the best bio-based plastic processor they have observed,” with regard to temperature and shear control of the plastic. Steinwall […]

Uses for Plastic Injection Molding

Why do we use plastic injection molding? There are several reasons why many companies choose to use plastic injection molding. The most popular reasons include; the overall costs are lower, higher efficiency, and the ability to use multiple plastic types. Costs Are Lower Because it is an automated process, the majority of the plastic injection molding process is […]

Injection Molding Innovations Conference (IM TECH)

Steinwall is in attendance at the first annual Injection Molding Division’s three-day conference August 1-3. Injection Molding – From Art to Innovation Engineering This full three-day conference includes 36 technical sessions, industry exhibits, plant tours at Chicago area plants and networking receptions. This event also features the latest industry trends, meetings with vendors highlighting their products and services […]

Does Low Constant Pressure Injection Molding Work?

Jan H. Schut, Plastics Engineering It could be the most unusual new development in injection molding in the past 20 years, developed by household products giant Procter & Gamble Co., Cincinnati, OH (us.pg.com). According to P&G patents, the technology consists of retrofittable controls and software for aluminum injection molds with pressure sensors and special cooling, […]

Famous Engineers in History: Olive Dennis

Olive Dennis was the first woman to become a member of the American Railway Engineering Association. One of the first women to obtain a Civil Engineering degree from Cornell University, she found it difficult to find a meaningful job after her graduation solely on the basis of her gender. She strived hard and eventually began […]