Steinwall partners with Flags for Fort Snelling to develop a sustainable, memorial flag staff.

Flags for Fort Snelling had a plastic flag staff design idea, yet needed technical insight on how to complete the product design. Steinwall’s employees gathered resources from within and with our strategic partners to fulfill this customer need.

The new flag staff design is more budget and environmentally friendly. The overall design creates a durable enclosure that protects the American flag from breakage and damage from the environment. Storage and collection of the flags will be much easier with this Steinwall supported, retractable design. Click here if you would like to read more about the retractable flag staff design.

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If you would like to help secure a permanent location of the flags for the Fort Snelling Cemetery, you can donate here.

Fort Snelling National Cemetery is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The cemetery was established in 1870 as a burial ground for soldiers who died while stationed at the post. In 2018, four local Minnesota businesses created “Flags for Fort Snelling” to ensure that every headstone at Fort Snelling National Cemetery had a flag placed on it. Currently, over 200,000 disposable flags are being used to mark their headstones. Thousands of these flags are damaged every year, which can become costly and time-consuming. Steinwall assisted in the development of a retractable flag staff prototype that is more sustainable and functional.