plastic injection molding

Why do we use plastic injection molding?

There are several reasons why many companies choose to use plastic injection molding. The most popular reasons include; the overall costs are lower, higher efficiency, and the ability to use multiple plastic types.

Costs Are Lower

mold making equipment

Because it is an automated process, the majority of the plastic injection molding process is completed by robots and machines, which means only one person is necessary to control and manage them. Although the initial costs tend to be a bit higher, once the final mold is created, a large number of plastic components can be manufactured at a minimal cost.

Increased Efficiency

After the mold is designed and approved and the presses have been programmed, the actual molding process itself is relatively quick. Because it hardly takes any time at all, this allows for more parts to be manufactured from a single mold. The high production output rate makes plastic injection molding more efficient.

Using Multiple Plastic Types

Plastic injection molding allows for manufacturers to use multiple types of plastic. The plastic injection molding process easily allows for co-injection molding, taking away the worry of just using one type of plastic.

What can be made using plastic injection molding?

The possibilities are endless! Some of the most common objects made using plastic injection molding include:

  • Lids
    • Plastic bottle caps, plastic container lids, plastic cup lids
  • Medical Devicesplastic injection molding
    • Plastic syringes, certain tools, various containers
  • Automotive Dashboards & Bumpers
    • The Dashboard, buttons on the radio, the controls for the automatic windows

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